Jim Reilly

Experience, Education & Integrity

The Only PhD Candidate

“Now more than ever law enforcement needs to be accountable to the people and communities they serve and protect.”

~ Jim Reilly


For 30 years I have considered it an honor and a privilege to serve the people and communities of Will County as a law enforcement officer and a small business owner.


To help make our communities safer and reduce criminal behaviors, I have dedicated countless hours to further my education and research through a highly-accredited PhD program, “How law enforcement can work with our communities to improve quality of life issues for everyone”.


Over the course of my 20 years of experience as a small business owner, I employed hundreds of union employees and contributed tens of thousands of dollars back to the community. However, as the result of the economic collapse of 2007 and the recession that followed, my family along with the entire Will County community suffered financial struggles. For many of you, these issues still exist today.

My promise to the Will County citizens is a policing agency that serves with passion and compassion, while utilizing intelligence led policing methods to address the rising criminal behaviors that threaten the safety of our communities.

More Information: http://www.reillyforsheriff.com